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We have proudly serviced the Pacific Northwest since 1926 and have been active leaders in the call center industry. Locally owned and operated, we believe that our friendly voice is why we are AMERICA'S FIRST CHOICE! It is our dedication to the relationship with our clients that places us far above the rest of the field. We understand your needs and strive to maintain excellence and professionalism.

Our People
Our telephone agents receive extensive training with our state of the art equipment, to provide you and your clients with the professionalism you deserve. We check quality of our voice and message content constantly each day to maintain an incredibly high standard of service. We understand that your business is your livelihood and that we are an extension of your office every time we answer your calls. This is why it is paramount to us, that we represent you in a positive, professional and courteous manner.

Our Technology
Reliability is critical in this industry, which is why we have invested extensively in the leading edge of technology and redundancy, Our technology has been carefully selected, a blend of software and hardware designed to provide our clients with seamless, reliable and superior call center service. We carefully utilize redundant backups, diverse telephone routes, and an on site UPS and back up generator to maintain a constant presence for your business. At World Class Communications, we make every possible effort to plan for most every contingency.

Why Choose Us
We understand that poor service from your call center is far more costly than the fees you pay. This is why we train and constantly use daily quality control measures to ensure that we are performing at a higher standard than anyone else in the industry. There are practical benefits to hiring us as your call center. You eliminate the need for extra staff, payroll and payroll taxes and eliminate the time consuming process of personnel management.
Our number one priority is customer service.

How to Select A Provider
When choosing a reliable provider, it always pays to do the research. Not all service providers are created equal; so don't base your decision on price alone. A poorly trained, poorly spoken or rude operator can quickly destroy the image you worked hard to build.